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Potassium Chloride Kcl

Potassium Chloride Kcl
  • Potassium Chloride Kcl
  • Potassium Chloride Kcl
  • Potassium Chloride Kcl
  • Potassium Chloride Kcl
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Product Details:

SolubilityFreely Soluble In Water, Insoluble In Absolute e Ethanol
Packaging Size50 kg
Physical StateCrystals
Usage/ApplicationAgriculture, Industry etc
Grade StandardTechnical Grade
Packaging TypeHDPE bag with Liner, Drum
ArsenicMax 1 ppm
Heavy MetalsMax 10 ppm
SulphateMax 300 ppm
IronMax 20 ppm
BromideMax 0.1%
SodiumMax 0.1%
Loss On DryingMax 1.0 %
Assay99.5% to 100.5%

Potassium chloride is an ionic salt featuring a bond between an alkali metal and a halogen. It is denoted by the chemical formula KCl and is made up of potassium cations and chloride anions in a 1:1 ratio Potassium chloride is characterized by a colourless, crystalline appearance and an odourless smell. In its solid form, potassium chloride can be easily dissolved in water and the resulting KCl solution is said to have a salty taste. The primary application of this ionic salt is in the agriculture industry, where it is used in the production of crop fertilizers. Potash, a water-soluble crystalline material that is used for fertilization, can be prepared from potassium chloride (and some other minerals). This compound is also used as a substitute for common salt (sodium chloride) in food. Oral consumption of appropriate quantities of KCl can help treat low blood potassium in humans. 

Name: Potassium chloride

Chemical formula: KCL

Chemical names: Potassium chloride

Other Names: Sylvite, Muriate of potash

Cas number: 7447-40-7

Molar mass: 74.555 g/mol

Appearance: White crystalline solid

                                                      CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS

MAKE: Local

PACK: 50 kg bag

Test Parameters





98.7% w/w

Sodium Chloride

Flame Photometry

<1 % w/w


Flame Photometry




0.5 % w/w


It is used widely as a component for agricultural fertilizer. It is used to make Potash, which is an important source of potassium for plant growth.


It is used to treat cases of extremely low blood pressure.


It is used in cooking as a substituent for sodium chloride since it is required in a lesser amount.

It is used for cooking food for high blood pressure patients.


It is used in the industry as the raw material to manufacture potassium metal.


It is used in the soap industry as a water softening agent as an alternative to sodium chloride.


Potassium chloride can be used in the calibration of radiation monitoring equipments as a source for beta radiation.


Potassium chloride is used for the flux in oxy-fuel welding machines for the welding of aluminum. This is one of the important KCL uses.
insulin deficiency
insulin-replacement treatmen
gastrointestinal infection or diarrheal and vomiting
kidney problems
eye drops and contact lens care.
a low sodium food substitute
medication administered orally, via injection or intravenously.





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  • Packaging Details: 50 kg bag
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Stable Bleaching Powder

Stable Bleaching Powder
  • Stable Bleaching Powder
  • Stable Bleaching Powder
  • Stable Bleaching Powder
  • Stable Bleaching Powder
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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity50 Kg
Packaging TypeHDPE Bag,Drum
Packing Size25 Kg
Usage/ApplicationWater Treatment

Bleaching powder is also know asCalcium hypochlorite. It is an inorganic compound with formula Ca(OCl)2. It is a white solid, although commercial samples appear yellow. It strongly smells of chlorine, owing to its slow decomposition in moist air. This compound is relatively stable as a solid and solution and has greater available chlorine than sodium hypochlorite. "Pure" samples have 99.2% active chlorine. Given common industrial purity, an active chlorine content of 65-70% is typical It is the main active ingredient of commercial products called bleaching powder used for water treatment and as a bleaching agent. Calcium Hypochlorite is the chemical name for bleaching powder. It is an inorganic compound. The formula of Calcium hypochlorite is CaO(Cl)₂. It is a vital component of commercial products called bleaching powder, chlorinated lime, or chlorine powder, used for water treatment, and as a bleaching agent. This compound is comparatively constant and has more chlorine than sodium hypochlorite (liquid bleach). It is a white solid, but the commercial samples mostly appear yellow. It does not dissolve in hard water and is instead used more in soft water treatment. It has two forms, hydrated (hydrous) and dry (anhydrous).

Name: Bleaching powder

Chemical formula: CaO(Cl)₂

Chemical Name: Calcium hypochlorite

Other Names: Hypochlorous acid calcium salt, bleaching powder, chloride of lime

Cas number: 7778-54-3

Molar mass: 142.98 g/mol

Appearance: white powder
Make: GACL     Pack: 25KG BAG






Available Chlorine


34.0 min




1/15 max


Moisture as H20


0.30 max


Particle size in %


99.5 min



Bleaching powder is basically a bleaching agent. It finds application as a bleaching

agent in Textile Mills, Hand Looms and Power Looms, Hosiery, Laundry, Paper,

Soap and Silicate manufacturing and as oxidizing agent in organic synthesis. It is

not for Medicinal Use.

Safety / Precaution:

Keep away from water, acid, combustible materials and heat. Drums can rupture

when heated.


Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area, away from the source of heat, direct

sunlight. Avoid extended storage during summer.

First Aid Measures

Eyes: Flush eyes with a stream of water for at least 15 minutes

Skin: Flush thoroughly with cool water under shower while removing

contaminated clothing and shoes. Discard non rubber shoes

Inhalation: Remove to fresh air

Ingestion: If swallowed, do not induce vomiting, although it may occur

Text on Image: Stable Bleaching Powder Grade 1



Additional Information:

  • Packaging Details: 25 KG BAG
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Calcium Chloride Powder

Calcium Chloride Powder
  • Calcium Chloride Powder
  • Calcium Chloride Powder
  • Calcium Chloride Powder
  • Calcium Chloride Powder
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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity100 Kg
Packaging Size50 KG
Physical formPowder
Synonyms: Neutral Calcium Chloride, Calcium(II) Chloride, Calcium dichloride(1:2)
Packaging TypeBAG
Chemical FormulaCaCl2
Molecular Weight110.98 g/mol
Grade StandardIndustrial Grade
Packaging Details50 Kg Bag

Calcium chloride is an inorganic compound, a salt with the chemical formula CaCl2. It is a white crystalline solid at room temperature, and it is highly soluble in water. It can be created by neutralising hydrochloric acid with calcium hydroxide. Calcium chloride is highly effective, and one of the most hygroscopic materials, when it comes to absorbing moisture from the surrounding air. Calcium chloride is often used for de-icing or dust control on gravel roads, in food or as the absorbing agent in desiccants. In much of the world, calcium chloride is derived from limestone as a by-product of the Solvay process. Calcium chloride can also be obtained from brine purification Calcium chloride is available in different concentrations and is often specified as 74-77% or 94-97% depending on the purity level. The higher the concentration, the better the absorption capacity. Meaning a desiccant with 94-97% CaCl2 has the ability to absorb more moisture than 74-77% CaCl2
Name : Calcium Chloride
Chemical formula : CaCl2
Other Names : Neutral Calcium Chloride, Calcium(II) Chloride, Calcium dichloride(1:2)
Cas number : 10043-52-4
Molecular Weight / Molar mass : 110.98 g/mol
Appearance : White Hygroscopic powder
Odour : Odourless

It is used to prevent ice formation and therefore used in deicing.
Used in the production of activated charcoal.
Used as a sterilant for male animals.
It is used in heating pads and self-heating cans.
It is used to correct the mineral deficiencies in brewing beer
Calcium chloride is used as an electrolyte in sports drinks
In laboratories, the drying tubes are usually packed with calcium chloride.
Used as brine for refrigerators
Used in cement.
Used for the treatment of hypocalcaemia and hyperkalaemia.
Used as an antidote to magnesium intoxication due to overdosage of magnesium sulphate.





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  • Packaging Details: 50 KG BAG
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Magnesium Chloride Flakes

Magnesium Chloride Flakes
  • Magnesium Chloride Flakes
  • Magnesium Chloride Flakes
  • Magnesium Chloride Flakes
  • Magnesium Chloride Flakes
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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1000 Kilogram
Physical FormSolid Flakes
Packaging Size50 kg
Packaging TypeHDPE Bag
Chemical FormulaMgCl2

 Magnesium chloride is an inorganic salt (compound) that has one magnesium and two chloride ions with the chemical formula MgCl2. Its various hydrates have the formula MgCl2(H2O) x. It is used as a cathartic and in alloys. These salts are typical ionic halides, being highly soluble in water. The magnesium chloride salt is a typical ionic halide and is highly soluble in water. Hydrated magnesium chloride can be produced by extraction from brine or seawater. Anhydrous magnesium chloride is produced on a large scale and it is the primary precursor to magnesium metal. Magnesium chloride is most used for dust control and road stabilization. Its second-most common use is ice control. In addition to the production of magnesium metal, magnesium chloride also is used for a variety of other applications: fertilizer, mineral supplement for animals, wastewater treatment, wallboard, artificial seawater, feed supplement, textiles, paper, fireproofing agents, cements and refrigeration brine. Mixed with hydrated magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride forms hard material called Sorel cement.
Name: Magnesium chloride
Chemical Formula:
Chemical Name:
Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate
Other Names:
Magnesium dichloride
Cas Number:
Molar Mass:
203.31 g/mol
White or colourless crystalline Solid




Colourless Crystal

Matter Insoluble in Water

Test Passes (Limit NMT 0.01%)

Magnesium Chloride

98.65% (Limit NMT 98%)


Test Passes (Limit NMT 0.02%)


Test Passes (Limit NMT 0.02%)

Heavy Metals

Test Passes (Limit NMT 5 ppm)


Test Passes (Limit NMT 2 ppm)


Test Passes

Alkali Chloride (As NaCL)

Test Passes (Limit NMT 1.0%)

Ammonium Salt (as N)

Test Passes (Limit NMT 0.02%)

Ethanol Insoluble matter

Test passes

Dust and erosion control
Catalyst support
Ice controller
Nutrition and Medicine
Gardening and Horticulture
Mineral supplement for animals and wastewater treatmenT
Feed supplements
Textile industry
Paper industry
Fireproofing agents
Refrigeration brine



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  • Delivery Time: 1-2 days
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